Small World Competition by Nikon

Small World Competition by Nikon

Contestants may enter Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography and Video Competitions by uploading digital images and/or movies directly to our secure servers.

Before you begin, please read the Contest Rules and prepare your images and/or movies for uploading according to the instructions.

We invite you to set up a Small World Entrant Account, which will allow you to create a contestant profile, view your entries and update your images and videos before the submission deadline. If you don’t wish to register for an account, you may still enter the competition as a guest.


• 1st Prize: $3,000 and a trip to Nikon’s Headquarters in Japan
• 2nd Prize: $2,000
• 3rd Prize: $1,000
• 4th Prize: $800
• 5th Prize: $600
• 6th Prize: $400
• 7th-10th Prizes: $300 each
• 11th-20th Prizes: $200 each

Deadline:- 30-04-2018

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