Smart technology to control all your family’s WiFi devices

2016 CES Winner: Revolutionary Smart Security Robot

The smart tech box that controls the Internet in your home – a remote control zapper for the Internet.The Internet is great. But it’s also causing a lot of harm when used for too long, inappropriately or when kids are being cyberbullied. Kids watching endless hours of gaming, using Facebook or Snapchat all through the night…the research is showing that they’re losing the ability to concentrate, their homework is not being done, their schoolwork is suffering, it’s even being claimed their losing the ability to read. We have kids ourselves and that’s we at iKydz have created our unique plug and play product. We wanted to take back control of the Internet in our own homes. Just plug it in, turn it on and take control of the Internet in your home, from anywhere in the world. With iKydz you can control how long a gaming device is allowed to be played, when Facebook or Snapchat can be accessed, when smartphones or smart TV’s can be on. iKydz controls every internet dependent device in the home. It can block certain sites – porn, gambling, self-harm sites – and our blocked sites are updated every day. We know kids so we’ve made iKydz tamper proof. We’ve thought of everything. All you have to do is to buy it for a one single low payment. You install it by plugging one wire into the back of the mobile phone sized iKydz box. Sorted and started. iKydz does the rest.


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