Sony VPLVW350ES 4K Home Theater ES Projector

If you are looking to convert your home into a home theater and if you have some deep pockets then look no further than Sony 4k projector.61XiHO44y4L._SL1200_

Get the clarity of Sony’s SXRD 4K movie theater technology in a brand new 4K Ultra HD projector with greater than 4x 1080p resolution, anamorphic 3D, and HD to 4K upscaling. With additional installation flexibility you can experience immersive 4K media in an array of rooms. Only from Sony.


  • A home theater experience for a wider audience

  • Recommended for up to a 150 inch screen

  • Enjoy your favorite 1080p HD movies and shows in 4K

  • Immersive, vibrant picture for any environment

  • Integrate into virtually any home environment

  • Watch 2D high-definition content in 3D

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