Closed/Expired: Sound Development City Artists Expedition

Sound Development City Artists Expedition

Sound Development City is a three-week expedition to two annually changing cities for artists from all disciplines and from around the world. Sound Development City gives artists time – time for processes to develop, for experimentation, for taking new paths – but also time to go astray, to detect and discover the unexpected. Sound Development City is looking for independent and dedicated project proposals that are to be tested and put into practice during a three-week journey to Madrid and Casablanca in September 2016.

The artist expedition is a laboratory for the exploration of creative strategies, bold visions and forms of expressions. Sound Development City is an adventure, a place for experimentation, and a research lab, and it offers a productive environment for exchange and collaboration.


  • Travel costs, daily expenses and budget required for the individual projects are supplied;
  • Sound Development City provides a stipend to all participants;
  • No participation fee required.

Deadline:- 11-04-2016

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