Closed/Expired: Sparda-Bank challenge

Sparda-Bank challenge

In German the word for a “bench” is “Bank”
Building on this wordplay, the Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg wants to create a “Sparda-Bench” that can be used as:

a) an eye catching key visual for their next campaign
b) a physical piece of furniture for branches and events

What’s the task?

The Sparda-Bank invites creatives, customers and employees to participate in this design challenge. Create and submit your design for the new “Sparda-Bench” (In German: Sparda-Bank).

What’s in it for me?

Besides the opportunity to have your idea realized by Sparda-Bank, you could earn from the total award pool of €13 000. This includes €9 000 in community awards and one license fee of € 3 000.

What is jovoto and how can I participate?

jovoto is the creative workspace of the future; An open innovation platform where creatives, designers and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands. It’s brainstorming at internet scale and we call this process Crowdstorming.

This is a project open for anyone to join. Signup now to start submitting your ideas and connecting with a global community of professional creatives.

Awards:- €13,000

Deadline:- 16-01-2016

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