Closed/Expired: St Hubert Omega 3 innovation challenge

St Hubert Omega 3 innovation challenge

St Hubert is the French leader in healthy margarine. Margarine is a “light” alternative to butter: made of a mixture of vegetable oils, it contains two times less fat than butter. Practical to spread, you can use it just as well on a slice of bread as you can in cooking. Often former butter consumers, the majority of consumers discover margarine at 40 years old with the aim of reconciling enjoyment and health, without having to give up the taste and their habits.

This change in dietary habits is due to an increased awareness of the importance of diet in the prevention of cardiovascular risks. Consuming foods that are too high in fat and salt carries risks for heart health. Providing a healthier diet in the context of a healthy lifestyle can solve this. Consumers are now aware of this and are seeking solutions to take care of themselves on a daily basis. They know that they need to change their dietary habits, even if they do not always do so gladly.

St Hubert Omega 3 offers a preventative approach to staying healthy thanks to a simple, natural and effective product. This margarine contains Omega 3s (essential fatty acids) naturally present in rapeseed and linseed oil, from which St Hubert Omega 3 is made. The benefits of Omega 3s on health in general, and especially for cardiovascular health, are well known by French people.

The leader on the market, St Hubert Omega 3 is a trusted, family (as everyone can eat it) and daily (as it is a key item in consumption) brand. For a long time the brand has communicated by highlighting the advantages of Omega 3s on cardiovascular health in diet.

St Hubert Omega 3 now wants to offer a more global discussion on the issue and become an everyday partner of good cardiovascular health for French people. The challenge is to create a new story which is more modern and which reaches and gets closer to the public.

Creative Challenge

Show how St Hubert Omega 3 is the simplest way to start to take care of your cardiovascular health without sacrificing on enjoyment!


  • #1 Prize €2,000
  • #2 Prize €1,000
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 11-12-2016

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