Stargate Superfan Panel Project

Stargate Superfan Panel Project

Some call it the astria porta. The chappa’ai. The Ring of the Ancestors. It’s that big beautiful hunk of naquadah, feasting on zero point energy, and when Dr. Daniel Jackson saw it back in 1994, he called it the Stargate. For you, it’s the center of everything, because you’re a Stargate superfan. 

And that’s awesome. Stargate has been a defining series for so many of us. When it came out, there was literally nothing like it. It was a sprawling intergalactic adventure that somehow mixed ancient alien civilizations and spaceships with modern day scientists and soldiers, and bottled it up in a story about saving humanity. Luckily for us, Stargate is back.

The recent release of Stargate Origins breathed fresh life into the franchise that we love, and now the Stargate creative team is working to build out the universe even further, developing a series of exciting and original initiatives for the official community and streaming platform, Stargate Command.

This is where you come in! Fans have always been an essential part of Stargate, so as the stewards of Stargate Command look to the future, it’s only fitting that they’d turn back to fans again and ask them to step up and help shape the coming stream of content. Thus comes the genesis of the Stargate Superfan Panel. It’s going to be a group of up to 10 passionate fans assembled to help weigh in on everything from new digital series to behind-the-scenes specials, as well as take part in local Stargate fan events and activities on the Stargate Command platform.

How are we building the team? We’re opening it up to any and every Stargate superfan, except where prohibited by law. We know each fan has his or her own unique connection to Stargate and area of expertise, so we’re asking you to put that to video and make the case for why you should be on the team. We want you to tell us about…

  • What makes you a true Stargate superfan? Is it your encyclopedic knowledge? Your Jaffa cosplay skills? Or is it the letter-writing campaign you organized back when everyone thought they killed off Daniel? 
  • What impact has Stargate had on your life?
  • How did you discover Stargate? What was watching Stargate like for you?

Submit your video for the chance to be a part of this! The Stargate Command team will select up to 10 superfan winners, and your videos may be featured on Stargate Command, as well as on Stargate social media!


  • Up to TEN (10) WINNERS will be awarded $250 upon selection for the Superfan Panel.
  • Winners will be invited to the Grand Prize Superfan Panel Kick-off Event in Los Angeles, which is tentatively scheduled to take place in March 2019. Flights, accommodations, and a per diem for 3 days will be provided by the Stargate Command team.
  • Superfan Panelist Responsibilities: Winners may be asked to attend, and assist with the running of, Stargate Command fan events in their local area. They may also be asked to contribute to the running of Superfan forum events on the Stargate Command platform, as well as beta test new products and platforms for the website, and provide feedback on new content initiatives. Winners may be invited for monthly “State of the Gate” calls between the Stargate Command team and the Superfan Panel.
  • Some Stargate Superfan Panel events may be held outside the United States, and you may need a valid passport to participate in such events. If you are located outside the United States, you must possess a valid passport and be permitted to travel to the United States for Stargate Superfan Panel events. The Stargate Command team will not be obligated to pay for or assist with obtaining a passport or visa, or otherwise fulfilling requirements for travel.

Deadline:- 07-02-2019

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