Closed/Expired: Stella Artois – Famous with food Challenge

Stella Artois – Famous with food Challenge

Food is so important in our social landscape. From catching up for coffee, chatting over brunch, relaxing during a long lunch or bonding around dinner table, food brings us together.

Nowadays, meal times are changing. We are eating later, in different locations, with different people, and looking for more casual food occasions where we can try a range of things and share easily with others (smaller plates, sharing boards etc).  There are less ‘rules’ and structure to our eating habits. People eat when and where they choose, using meal times to socialize, with a desire for more unique and immersive experiences beyond the food itself.

As a result, the lines between casual and gourmet are blurring. You don’t need to go into a fine dining establishment with pristine white tablecloths and silver service to get a high-quality meal.  Equally, pubs and restaurants are raising their standard and providing ‘gourmet’ versions of even the most traditional and every day dishes, offering convenience and good value, but with high quality ingredients and experiences.

Some brands are known for being synonymous with occasions or consumption moments such as Pimms and Summer, Aperol and Aperitif, Diet Coke and lunchtime. However, beer is not strongly associated with any every day meal.  While beer has some natural associations with food types in the UK linked to provenance e.g. Peroni and Italian food, Cobra and Indian food, it generally is not strongly associated with more every day meals, or non-specific cuisines.  Although perceived as a more casual and unpretentious beverage vs wine, wine still is more intuitively linked in most meal occasions.

With over 600 years of Belgian brewing expertise, Stella Artois has been brought to life in a beautifully balanced lager. With a flavorful taste and a clean finish, Stella Artois is meant to be savoured, yet it doesn’t overpower the taste of food. It brings enjoyment to every day, the European way – time savoured with good friends, good food, and great beer.

Stella Artois, which complements a range of foods and cuisines, and is the perfect beer to go with more every day dishes being served in a high-quality way, wants to become synonymous with meal occasions, when you’re with good friends and having good food, making an everyday moment a bit more special. This doesn’t mean it is restricted to a specific cuisine, or time of day.

Can you help Stella Artois make an everyday moment, a bit more special, and find the best meal occasion to do this?


Creative Challenge

Come up with a captivating activation idea to make Stella Artois famous with a meal occasion and build the association between Stella Artois and quality food.


1st (€1,000)
2nd (€600)
3rd (€400)
Learn more Up to 10 Rewards €25

Deadline:- 20-08-2018

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