Super Brain Ⅱ

Super Brain Ⅱ

Unlock the Power of your Brain through the power of Neurofeedback


All of us know that the brain controls our thoughts, emotions and physical well-being and yet few know that the brain’s powers can be focused and harnessed. Understanding how the brain works can help you monitor your present state of mind thereby awakening yourself to a higher level of consciousness. Unlock the power of your Brain!

Your brain is made of billions of brain cells that communicate with each other via electronic signals called brain wave patterns. There brain wave patterns have been broken down into four different categories, each of which is associated with a corresponding state of mind. 


Beta – Alert Consciousness : Most common state of mind for adults. Important for reactive problem solving and heightened critical thinking. However, can also lead to stress, anxiety and restlessness

SMR – Still Concentration : Discovered by Dr. Barry Sterman in 1965, the SMR frequency creates a unique states of consciousness where one is still but extremely alert. The SMR frequency was found during an experiment attempting to induce Pavlovian responses in cats. More amazingly, was Dr. Sterman’s discovery that this SMR frequency can be conditioned to be self-induced.

Alpha – Relaxed Consciousness : Common state of mind in children and creative people. Problem solving not as a response to external factors but rather based on internal creativity and awakening. Feelings of being centered and calm with a reduction of stress. The anti-stress hormone, beta-endorphin is increased two to three times when compared to a Beta state.

Theta – Relaxed Subconsciousness : A state achieved in light sleep and deep meditation. Can be used access deep insight and inspiration. Your mind is conscious but your body is deep at rest.

Delta – Deep Rest : A state achieved in deep dreamless sleep. Important for healing and regeneration. Both your mind and body are deep at rest.



All five of these brain wave patterns are crucial towards unlocking the full potential of your brain’s capabilities. However, for most adults, who spend their lives in a predominantly Beta mental state, it is crucial that they ensure that this brain wave is not hampering their quality of life by leading to undue stress.

Super Brain Ⅱ is a brain wave learning device that stimulates the creation of alpha, SMR, theta and delta waves by altering the frequency of magnetic fields. Super Brain Ⅱ was developed based on Dr. Robert O. Becker’sfindings that both the brains of human and animals react significantly to magnetic influence as well as Dr. Barry Sterman’s findings that the intense concentration of the SMR frequency could be conditioned to be produced at-will.

Unlike previous brain wave learning devices that indirectly induced brain waves using disorienting sounds and lights, Super Brain Ⅱ stimulates using a magnetic headband. This band can alter magnetic fields as minute as a terrestrial magnetism into waves of varying frequencies. By stimulating brain waves in this manner, Super Brain Ⅱ can induce varying mental states.

Inducing Alpha brain waves can help you reduce stress while opening your mental facilities. Inducing SMR brain waves can provide an assured alertness to attack an action with confidence. Inducing a Theta brain waves can induce a deep meditative state to provide inspiration. Inducing Delta brain waves can provide deep mental rest to provide bodily and cognitive regeneration.

Super Brain Ⅱ has four modes: Sleep, Learning, Meditation, and Fatigue Recovery. Each mode stimulates corresponding brain waves to allow you to harness your brain’s power to reach certain states of consciousness. Put simply, Super Brain Ⅱ places you in the right mindset to tackle life’s challenges as a more centered and present human being.






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