Sweet bites new teethers for babies challenge

Sweet bites new teethers for babies challenge

The appearance of the first teeth is a happy milestone in the life of a baby and his parents. Babies usually develop teeth between 4 and 24 months. It might happen earlier for some kids, but most of them will have all of their teeth by age 3. Unfortunately, this time is often associated with a lot of discomfort and stress that babies experience, which of course affects their mood and sleep cycles, and can be quite exhausting for both kids and parents.

At this time, baby starts to bite his thumbs and basically everything that he finds on his way, since it is also the way for him to discover the world around! This is when teething toys come to the rescue: to distract babies and help relieve the gum pain parents give their babies special teethers – toys that not only massage gums and ease the discomfort, but also entertain babies and keep them busy.

There are a lot of teething solutions that exist on the market and normally it is a no brainer for parents to buy a few – they usually go for the ones they find cute, or those that friends around them are using. Besides the primary benefit of easing the discomfort, some teething toys today can provide extra benefits for a baby’s development. For example, some toys enhance hand-eye coordination, animal shaped teethers bring company and a feeling of safety, while teethers shaped like toothbrushes also clean the teeth.

Our sponsor, a leading brand of products for moms and babies, believes that teethers could bring even more value to both parents and babies and it wants your help to re-invent this category. Can you help?

Creative Challenge

WOW us with a revolutionary oral care solution that will calm and entertain babies during the teeth-growing period while giving peace of mind to the exhausted moms. 


  • #1 Prize €1,250
  • #2 Prize €750
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 21-07-2019

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