Closed/Expired: SWIP Adjustable floor – Engineering Challenge

SWIP Adjustable floor - Engineering Challenge
This is the second step of the development project “Adjustable intermediate floor”.
The client is seeking detailed concepts how to solve the mechanical problem described in the project overview. The previous ideation challenge created a pool of ideas. Your task is to refine and recombine these ideas and do the necessary engineering work for a concept that can be tested by a prototype.
Challenge Objectives
  • A verified theoretical solution (concept) to lift the goods within the MaxiPac box is found.
  • Building a prototype has a high probability to succeed in fulfilling the target requirements.
  • Ideas of the previous ideation challenge are used, re-combined and further elaborated. Please do consider the client’s feedback on those ideas (if the requirements were fulfilled)

Awards:- Total award sum for this challenge is CHF 6000.

Deadline:- 31-08-2017