Closed/Expired: SWIP – Enhanced information flow worldwide challenge

SWIP - Enhanced information flow worldwide challenge

HORISEN is a software company with more than 15 years of experience in the development of marketing and communication products. We are internationally oriented and manage various locations from our headquarters in Switzerland. Our team is international and we communicate in English. We are looking for a resource-efficient solution to ensure the transfer of know how between our employees. We would like to better link our locations and improve communication as well as general procedures.


Our focus is on our customers; we would like to further develop our service to them and offer faster, more efficient solutions. Our intent is to accomplish this by improving our internal communication and exchange of know how.


We want to avoid losing the know how we have not just in day-to-day business but also in case of staff changes. We would also like to improve and foster internal communication.


We want well thought out suggestions and ideas, so that we can concentrate on our daily business and stay focused on our development and service.

Awarding criteria

–    The implementation should not take longer than 3 months.
–    The concept must include a sensible and actionable timeline.
–    The lower the ensuing costs and efforts required to implement the concept, the better we will appreciate it.
–    Not mandatory: It should be possible to implement the idea without external expertise upon acceptance of the proposal. (You can read up on our fields of expertise on our website This type of concept will be given preferential consideration.

Awards:-CHF 500

Deadline:- 01-11-2017

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