SWIP.World – Expand existing fashion ebook business to US challenge

SWIP - Expand existing fashion ebook business to US challenge

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Wanted: blogger or marketing rockstar to execute in the USA an existing fashion business from Switzerland

17 e-books (+ 5 – 8 per year)
$2 – $7 per e-book
12’000 units sold in German

Looking for blogger/online marketing rockstars in the USA to organise translation to English, pushing sales and managing sales channels in the USA.

Sewera Fashion https://sewerafashion.com/ is a label providing sewing patterns you can buy online as an e-book, print them out at home to sew clothes for the entire family.

Hi, I’m Carina, founder of Sewera Fashion.
My passion is blogging, designing and creating fashion. Every sewing pattern I develop is pre-launched with around 100 women who test this pattern in every possible size. They are giving feedback what allows many iterations and adjustments before public launching a pattern.

Up to now, these sewing patterns are offered in German market only (Germany, the German part of Switzerland and Austria) with a total population of 96 Million.
These e-books sell at $2 up to $7 on several platforms such as Makerist, Etsy, Dawanda and on my own Onlineshop.

Up to now I could sell around 12’000 sewing patterns.

As I am focusing 80% of my time on developing new sewing patterns, I don’t have the capacity to manage the English market. As everything is prepared and working in German, I believe it will be a good business in US market, that is 3.3 times bigger than German market. I am selling the sewing patterns without marketing spendings and by investing 20% of my time to social media postings.
Teaming up with native English speaking somebody who can invest time in marketing will leverage the business.

Team up with me and deliver your idea or concept, how you will manage to sell the existing sewing patterns in USA.
***As this are ebooks (no shipping), there will be revenues from all over the world, not only USA.

English speaking countries:
US Population: 321 Million
Canada Population: 36 Million
Australia Population: 24 Million
UK Population: 66 Million

Awarding criteria:
I am looking for a blogger / online marketing rockstar / a company that can provide a conclusive concept to manage sales in the USA.
I will choose one of the applicants and we will start the US operations immediately.

Awards:- The winner will receive the distribution contract for USA: Your earnings for execution: Earnings: Estimated above USD 100.000 the first two years. On the first USD 100.000 revenue: You will keep 60% of the revenue. After that, you will keep 50% of revenue long term (30% as your earnings, as 20% marketing spendings under your management). Exclusivity: You will sell in the USA with exclusivity rights for 2 years. Of course, I’m interested in having a long term relationship continuing this cooperation. Total value: 100000

Deadline:- 30-09-2017

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