SWIP Innovate your future bank branch competition

SWIP Innovate your future bank branch competition

You, as a customer of a bank – what kind of magical, memorable experience would you appreciate at your bank’s point of sale?

Situation – Background 
Bank Linth is a mid-sized Swiss regional bank with a network of 19 branches throughout northeast Switzerland. We are continuously analyzing and improving our retail banking approach, and are working to deliver a superior customer experience. 

The financial industry has been focusing upon digital solutions, sometimes at the expense of face-to-face engagement. At Bank Linth, we offer a considerable digital platform, but also see personal dialogue and sustained partnerships as essential for building the trust. To create a welcoming environment for these exchanges, we completely rebuilt our branches, using bright, modern décor, locally sourced. When entering one of our locations, the first thing you as a customer see is a friendly advisor, welcoming you in a hotel lobby-like, light, transparent and friendly space, surrounded by an engaging team with in-depth expertise on a range of topics, from personal banking to long-term financial planning.

In below’s plan, see what our new point of sale typically looks like.

Your Task 
Please help us by sharing your ideas for an ideal customer experience on-premise in our bank branches. Think of what you, as a customer of a bank, would value and appreciate, and how we can best put that into practice. What would prompt you to come in to one of our branches and explore our offering? How should a branch look like and what should it offer to create an emotional connection between you and our brand. How can our advisors deliver a truly memorable interaction to you? 
Think big – ideas can vary between personal interactions, or new technical capabilities, apps or features. We are open to new processes, changes to our design, or an altogether re-envisioned customer experience. Think outside of the box, go beyond banking, and into the future. 
Deliverables Please describe your idea in a few short sentences or bullet points. Explain why it makes sense and what the advantages are. If possible, provide some examples and references, and add any other details that may help to bring your idea to life. 

Awarding Criteria The winning idea(s) should be creative, feasible and applicable to our industry. We are looking for something that will generate a tangible impact on client satisfaction and loyalty. Most importantly, the idea should support us in what we already do best – delivering ‘simply. more. value’ to our customers. 

We are looking forward to your contributions. Thank you for taking the time!

Awards:- Total award money is USD 1000. It will be distributed among the best ideas, or given to the best one. Minimum award per winning idea is USD 50, maximum is USD 1000. It will be paid out in USD, EUR or CHF.

Deadline:- 09-10-2019

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