Expired: Your Swiss Army Knife 2018

Your Swiss Army Knife

Submit your exciting new design for this year’s Classic Limited Edition theme – Places of the World!

The annual limited edition of the classic pocket knife is a popular collector’s item and gift all around the world. The fresh and new designs of the Classic Limited Edition 2018 should once again increase the impulse buys and strengthen the Victorinox brand and its reputation of being creative, functional and appealing.


Submit your exciting new design for this year’s Classic Limited Edition theme – Places of the World!

Places of the World is the overarching theme of the Classic Limited Edition 2018. Use the surface of the 58 mm Classic pocket knife to feature your favorite place in your individual artistic style.

You can illustrate

  • a typical manmade landmark (like the Eiffel Tower)
  • or a famous natural landmark (like the Matterhorn)
  • or even a whole scenery of a city or a landscape

as long as your visualization unmistakably represents your place and can be recognized by everyone, everywhere in the world.

To create your unique, never-seen-before and exciting design style, you can draw inspiration from your own visual culture and origins, as well as international design trends.

Please be aware that the Swiss Army Knife of the Classic Limited Edition – also known as “the small Swiss Army Knife” – typically has very small measurements of 58 x 14 mm. Your design will have the strongest visual impact:

  • If the main focus is on the knife’s front-side with the logo, as this side will face – and shall attract – the customer at the POS
  • if it doesn’t include too many miniscule elements that are difficult to make out on the small surface
  • if it plays and fits in with the typical shape – rounded on both ends – of the Swiss Army Knife

You are allowed to submit up to 10 ideas. Please upload only one design per submission. It’s up to you how you present your idea but it’s important that you show the front and back sides of your design on a plain white background in one slide using the template provided.

Target group

The Classic Limited Edition has fans all around the world in an extremely broad target group between 20 and 50 years old. Since the Classic Limited Edition is sold worldwide, the cultural background of each potential consumer plays a big role.

The purchasing decision of the average customer is based on impulse so a spontaneous positive reaction to your design is the most important factor of the buying decision.


  • emotional
  • friendly
  • clear and iconic
  • never-seen-before
  • exciting
  • colorful