Expired: TalkingData Mobile User Demographics innovation competition

TalkingData Mobile User Demographics innovation competition

Nothing is more comforting than being greeted by your favorite drink just as you walk through the door of the corner café. While a thoughtful barista knows you take a macchiato every Wednesday morning at 8:15, it’s much more difficult in a digital space for your preferred brands to personalize your experience.
TalkingData, China’s largest third-party mobile data platform, understands that everyday choices and behaviors paint a picture of who we are and what we value. Currently, TalkingData is seeking to leverage behavioral data from more than 70% of the 500 million mobile devices active daily in China to help its clients better understand and interact with their audiences.

In this competition, Kagglers are challenged to build a model predicting users’ demographic characteristics based on their app usage, geolocation, and mobile device properties. Doing so will help millions of developers and brand advertisers around the world pursue data-driven marketing efforts which are relevant to their users and catered to their preferences.


  • 1st place – $12,500
  • 2nd place – $7,500
  • 3rd place – $5,000

Deadline:- 05-09-2016

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