Closed/Expired: The International Train Design Competition shaping the green transportation

The International Train Design Competition shaping the green transportation

The 2016 International Train Design Competition, with a theme of ‘shaping the future of green transportation,’ is now open for entries. The aim of the inaugural competition is to encourage industrial design innovation in the rail industry and promote rail transportation as integral to the development of a more sustainable world.

Competition theme: ‘Shaping the future of green transportation’ Entrants are required to submit the following information 1) Project/product title. 2) Entrant name. 3) Entrant description (e.g. designer/agency/engineer/student/other). 4) Brief Project description (max 200 words). 5) Full Project description (max 1000 words). 6) 1 x A2 Sheet illustrating and explain the entire submission and up to 3 x A2 supporting sheets to explain the submission in more detail. [300dpi minimum. Jpeg or print quality PDF format.] All submissions must be written in plain English. Each submission should be split into two distinct sections a) An outline of the problem that you will address.

This could be an issue specific to your country, or it could be a global issue. It needs to relate to the future of green transportation and sustainable travel. b) Explanation of your solution and how it will work. Provide clear details on how it will help to solve the issue you have outlined. Solutions can range from high-speed trains to metro, commuter or intercontinental trains, but must be a rail vehicle of some kind.

Awards:- 1 x Gold Prize winner 50,000RMB, 2 x Silver Prize winners 20,000RMB, 5 x Bronze Prize winners 10,000RMB


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