Expired: The 8th Great TV Show Idea Contest

The 8th Great TV Show Idea Contest

The 8th Great TV Show Idea Contest is searching for the next influential television series–marketable concepts that can legitimately compete with current shows on a conceptual level. A series that opens the door for intensive character development, a broad storyline, and a clever spin on the types of successful shows we’ve seen recently.

We accept pitches for: Scripted television series in ANY genre Original, standalone mini-series (EX: Fargo, True Detective) Webseries pitches intended to be adapted for cable or network television Written or video submissions accepted. For written pitches: Anything from a two-sentence logline to a 3-5 page treatment–entirely up to you on how to best present your idea. We don’t judge on format, we judge on the idea itself. Extended treatments and supplemental materials (illustrations, etc.) are also accepted. Please do not send full-length screenplays–summaries ONLY. Pitches may be emailed direct. Longer submissions are judged on the SAME criteria as short ones, so whatever length you think is best. For video pitches: Submit a link to the video after registration by emailing idea@scriptpipeline.com. We prefer it be a private link on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site or your personal website. Videos can be any length, but shorter is typically better. Web series are also accepted, but our judges will only review the first episode and any supplemental pitch materials.

Awards:-$1000, long-term consultation and development, and also industry circulation

Deadline:- 15-04-2016

Entry fees:- $25

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