Closed/Expired: The Biennial of Poster Bolivia BICeBé®

The Biennial of Poster Bolivia BICeBé®

The Biennial of the Poster Bolivia BICeBé® is the most important international event of design and visual communication of the region, as well as the window of Bolivian and Latin American design to the world.
The event is held every two years during the month of November; among its goals, the most relevant are: educate, integrate and project the national design to the world. Over 150 international designers have passed through its doors, leaving behind their experiences and skills in the design sphere, thus making the BICeBé® an ideal space for knowledge and cultural exchange as a great design network.

There are five categories:
• A — Published posters on cultural topics and activities.
• B — Published posters on political and social issues.
• C — Published posters on advertising, commercial, products or services.
• D — Unpublished posters on the topic: ELECTRONIC WASTE.
• E — Unpublished Animated GIF (free subject).

Design technique is free. Format for categories A,B & C may not be less than 40 x 60 cm. In category D format must be 70 x 100 cm vertical. In category E for animated poster format must be 500x 691 pixels verical and should last 15 seconds.

• Categories A, B, C, E
1st Prize: Medal & diploma
2nd Prize: Medal & diploma
3rd Prize: Medal & diploma

• Category D
1st Prize: US$ 4,000 & Medal & diploma
2nd Prize: Medal & diploma
3rd Prize: Medal & diploma

Deadline:- 10-03-2017

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