Closed/Expired: The Coffee Art Project competition

The Coffee Art Project competition

The Coffee Art Project provides a great opportunity for talented artists gain high profile exposure and showcase their work to a vast new audience while raising valuable funds to support Project Waterfall.A piece of artwork that represents a creative, unique and personal connection to the concept of ‘coffee’ or ‘coffee shop experience’. The work submitted can be any form of art, providing that it has a justifiable conceptual link to coffee or coffee shop experience. The Artwork needs to be a unique piece, not a reproduction of others. Prints need to be a limited edition of 15, not more. All the artworks submitted need to be signed by the artists as evidence of uniqueness and authenticity and not reproduction. We will not be accepting copies or unauthentic pieces. To give yourself the best chance of winning and gaining maximum exposure we suggest that artwork should be framed or mounted where possible to ensure best presentation. The competition is free to enter, and we also accept work on behalf of teams or individuals.

Awards:- $1,500, two other shortlisted runners-up: $500

Deadline:- 05-08-2016

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