Closed/Expired: The Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017

The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is aimed at two groups of entrants:
• Professional photographers: all professional photographers, photographic designers and artists who earn the majority of their livelihood (more than 50%) with photography or film creation.
• Emerging photographers: all photographers who are currently studying for a degree or undergoing professional training, as well as photographic assistants.
The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is promoted by Schoeller Technocell GmbH & Co. KG.

Professional photographers may submit work in the five themed categories:
1/ Portrait
2/ Landscape/Nature
3/ Architecture/Industry
4/ Photojournalism/Editorial Photography
5/ Free Choice/Conceptual Photography

Emerging photographers may only submit their work in the general Emerging Photographer category. This category is not subject to any thematic restrictions.

The winners of the themed categories will each receive prize money of € 2,000.
The overall competition winner will also receive the Felix Schoeller Photo Award in Gold. The prize money for this is an additional €10,000.
The winner in the category Best Emerging Photographer will receive the Felix Schoeller Emerging Photographer Award. This prize will comprise cash or professional photographic products to a total value of € 5,000.

Deadline:- 31-05-2017

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