The First Magnetic, Dime-Sized iPhone Storage Expansion

The First Magnetic, Dime-Sized iPhone Storage Expansion

The simplest way to expand your iPhone storage. The easiest way to share and manage your files.

What do we use our iPhones for? Well, what do we NOT use our iPhones for? 

iPhones have become an integral part of our lives, consolidating all the STUFF we used to carry in our bags into one easy, pocket-able device. With new multimedia contents and mobile apps coming out every second, you need space–lots of it–to maximize productivity and enjoyment on your iPhone.
That is why we made i.dime, the ultimate storage expansion solution for your iPhone. When we designed i.dime, we wanted to improve upon all the existing ways in which you can get more space. And what good is extra space if you can’t share it? i.dime offers the simplest way to share and manage all your files at really affordable pricing.
With i.dime, you can simply do more!


A 16GB iPhone gives you around 12GB of user-accessible space. That means that even if you didn’t install a single app, store a single song or take a single photo, your shiny new iPhone can shoot just 32 minutes of 4K video.  

As technology keeps evolving, sizes of photos, videos and apps continue to increase. Do you really want to pay $100, $200 on top of the cost of a brand new iPhone to get extra storage every year or so?


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With i.dime, you can add up to 256GB of additional space to the iPhone. More real estate allows you to capture more moments, unleash your creativity and keep memories that you shared with your loved ones.




Four Capacities

Made to Share

Sharing contents to other devices is just a snap away. Whether it is a birthday video of your kid or 200 photos you took with your friends at a party last night, simply snap off the i.dime and place it on the USB holder provided. Then use it as a thumbdrive and plug it in to your computer. Lightning and micro USB holders are available as well for your tablets and non-Apple smartphones.

Blazing Speed

When the time comes to transfer your data, i.dime supports blazing fast 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds. This ensures all content, whether it be 4K videos or high-resolution images, can be enjoyed with minimal lag or delay. For example, 16GB of photos and videos will take less than 3 minutes to transfer.

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Back View


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