Expired: The GO BEYOND Design Challenge

The GO BEYOND Design Challenge

The GO BEYOND: Design Challenge is an international Design + Engineering competition for architects, engineers, designers, inventors and innovators with the burning desire to go beyond the present and create new-to-the-world solutions that will pave the way for a better way of doing things in the future.

THE OPPORTUNITY Every year, about 2 million shipping containers are no longer used. What if these could be upcycled into sustainable architecture to reduce the total carbon footprint of global development? THE CHALLENGE GO BEYOND: shipping containers by upcycling them into modular habitats. Everyone submission should contain information about the 5 aspects: 1. Individual Habitat Units Design the interior and exterior of 2 different Habitat Units using 2 Containers. Every unit should cater for 2 occupants with an attached bathroom. 2. Combined Habitat Units Combine 2 Containers in 3 combinations to create 3 more Habitat Units with double volume spaces. Design the interior, exterior and connection. Every unit should cater for 4 occupants with 1 attached bathroom. 3. Detailing Detail these 3 areas using Cross Sections: D1: Waterproofing of Joint between 2 Containers. D2: Insulation of walls D3: Foundation 4. Service Modules Create Service Modules for: Electricity generation (diesel & clean energy options) HVAC for extreme hot and cold climates Water supply (water main & rainwater collection) Sewerage disposal and treatment Find the ratio of Service to Habitat Modules. 5.Transportation & Assembly Illustrate how 50 units of Modules can be: Transported by sea and land. Hoisted, assembled and secured. Habitat and Engineering Modules connected. List the Geographical Locations that CONHAB can function.

Awards:- Stage 1 – Winner $5000, Stage 2 – plus $10000

Deadline:- 30-06-2016

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