Closed/Expired: The HCB Award 2017

The HCB Award 2017

The HCB Award is dedicated to photographers of all nationalities who have already completed a significant body of work, close to the documentary approach. There is no age limit.

Candidates must be nominated by an institution which supports their application. Individual applications without nomination will not be considered. Museums, photography societies, photographers’ agencies, art schools, universities, galleries, magazines or publishers are entitled to support a candidate.

The competition is organized by the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson.

The application file must gather the following elements:
• A letter signed by the institution explaining its support for the candidate.
• A selection of 15 to 20 photographs.
• A text written and signed by the candidate outlining the project for which he/her wishes to receive the HCB Award.
• A concise biography of the candidate outlining his/her experience, exhibitions, publications, grants and prizes awarded.

The HCB Award is a prize of €35,000. The winner must use the prize for carrying out a project which would otherwise be hard to accomplish within the normal conditions of his activity.

Deadline:- 29-04-2017

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