Closed/Expired: The Hershey Company, Cool Ship Technologies

The Hershey Company, Cool Ship Technologies

NineSigma, representing The Hershey Company, seeks to identify new systems or materials that will allow chocolate to be shipped in warm weather without the need for gel packs.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? But it can be challenging to transport chocolate candy during summer months, or in warmer climates. Currently, chocolates ordered May through September, or to certain geographies, must be shipped in protective packaging to prevent melting. This method allows shipped chocolate to arrive at its destination without melting, but there can be undesirable side effects.

There are known technologies that can permit shipment of goods under well-controlled conditions, but they are expensive and are used in high value situations, such as medical, electronics, and aerospace applications.The Hershey Company would like to develop a lightweight, affordable shipping system that will keep chocolate close to the temperature at which it was packed, 75°F or below, for at least 48 hours. The ultimate goal is to develop a system that would be inexpensive enough to use year round, as part of the standard packaging for small parcel shipments.

Awards:- US$25,000 in development funds, to be awarded at the conclusion of Phase 2, and may have the opportunity to further collaborate with Hershey to develop proposed solutions.Up to five (5) respondents will be selected to advance to Phase 2, and each will receive US$10,000 for prototype development.

Deadline:– 15-02-2016

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