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The HOME Competition 2020

How do we define “home”? Although our ideas about home are constantly being rethought, the careful examination of “home” has recently come to our attention for architects and nonarchitects alike. Almost everyone has had to confront their perspective of “home” as they have adapted work places, social gatherings, fitness routines, and everyday life. We now not only internalize a home, but look at how our homes digitally connect to the rest of the world.

The HOME Competition invites all designers to explore ideas of domestic architecture for the future. Designers may consider the impacts of global population shifts, proximity of major cities to coastlines, new materials and building techniques, as well as the rise of co-housing, tiny homes, smart houses and marketplaces like Airbnb. HOME creates a platform to speculate the ways new technological, political, environmental and cultural changes can redefine the spaces where we live.

What do you believe will be the future of home?


Overall Winner – $5,000

Innovation Award – $1,000

Adaptability Award – $1,000

Pragmatic Award – $1,000

Deadline:- 25-10-2020

Entry fees:-

Discounted Advanced Entry ($55) Ends – July 19, 2020

Final Entry ($95) Ends – October 25, 2020

Submission Deadline – October 26, 2020

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