Closed/Expired: The London internet museum competition

The London internet museum competition

Bee Breeders architecture competition organisers are therefore asking architects and designers to submit ideas for the London Internet Museum – a location that would connect visitors to both the history of the internet and open them to the possibilities of its future. The chosen site in London is the now-closed North Woolwich Old Station Museum, which was housed in the original Great Eastern Railway terminal station building.

The invention of the internet has revolutionised the way the world works, more so than any other technological development in the past century. And while the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, television and then computers set the scene, it was the creation of the internet that has allowed for the digital revolution we are living today. The internet is a medium for connected collaboration and instant interaction between individuals regardless of their geographic location. By making the world smaller, the internet allows ideas to become bigger, with fewer restraints to hold them back. Participants are tasked with submitting ideas for an internet museum which shows both the history of the internet, as well as acting as a platform to discuss and workshop its future.

Awards:- 1st $3000, 2nd $1500, 3rd $500

Deadline:- 18-05-2016

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