Expired: The MNPG Arch competition

The MNPG Arch competition

The 2014 Competition was for the design of a modern abode hub, with entrants from around the world and really solid award winners. This year’s idea challenge is asking architects to build a tech port beacon in the Sapphire Coast, Australia. The 2016 MNPG Arch Competition meshes architecture, technology, ecology and modern living.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • Design a tech port beacon • Building no larger than: 15m x 15m, or 225 sq meters • Less then 225 sq. meters in surrounding landscape space • Mathematically natural, in organic form (i.e. waves) • Utilising sustainable technologies.

Awards:- 1st $1500 & 4 Honorable Mentions $250 each.

Deadline:- 31-08-2016

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