The New Media Writing Prize 2015

The New Media Writing Prize 2015

The New Media Writing Prize is looking for good storytelling (fiction or non-fiction) written specifically for delivery and reading/viewing on a PC or Mac, the web, or a hand-held device such as an iPad or mobile phone. The competition is organised by Bournemouth University Higher Education Corporation. It could be a short story, novel, poem, documentary or transmedia work using words, images, film or animation with audience interaction. Interactivity is a key element of new-media storytelling. The essence of new-media writing is great storytelling which uses anything and everything that digital media can offer, along with user/audience interactivity.

All entries must be in English.


Main Prize: £1,000
Student Prize: 3 months paid internship at Unicorn Training, Bournemouth, UK, working with Unicorn’s writing and design team.
The Dot Award: £500 to get a new project started.
People’s Choice Prize: a cheque for £500

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