Closed/Expired: The Next Big Thing is Small zooppa contest

The Next Big Thing is Small zooppa contest
Calling all leading-edge filmmakers, we are holding a video project and it’s your chance to be in the spotlight. We are currently seeking innovative filmmakers to help us tell the story of our revolutionary vacuum.

SharkNinja is a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people. You may have heard of Shark® from its never-sit-still commitment to user-friendly innovation or there’s a chance that you already own one of our products!

Despite the wide range of smart cleaning solutions, this Shark project is focused on the Rotator® Powered Lift-Away® Speed vacuum – our lightest, most compact Powered Lift-Away ever. What can this vacuum do that most upright vacuums can’t?

Benefits of the PLA Speed:

  • Easy to use! The speed makes it quick to clean with fingertip controls – transition to PLA Mode with the push of one button
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning – powered brush. Shark’s Powered Lift-Away technology® maintains power to the spinning brush head even when you remove its canister.
  • Amazing maneuverability and never loses suction, no matter what mode you are in

Shark’s lightest and most compact product with this powerful technology is our Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed. We took the Powered Lift-Away technology and its ability to go where other vacuums don’t, and shrunk it down into a more compact, lightweight vacuum with the same deep cleaning power.

We are counting on you to create awesome and inspiring video content to help support us in raising awareness around this groundbreaking technology. These videos will be promoted across our social channels to help build our engaging community of loyal Shark® fans, and on our website. But don’t let that limit you. We’re open to being inspired by this content to spark ideas for future campaigns in-store, on television, and more.

Your mission

The Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed is decidedly smaller than its sister vacuum. But at SharkNinja, we know how important a vacuum with powerful suction is to our consumers, so we designed a machine that is not only lightweight and incredibly maneuverable, but doesn’t skimp on power and suction.

The Next Big Thing is Small.

Show us how small things have made a big impact by creating a :15 – :30 second video that tells the story of the Shark Rotator Speed.

How might you showcase this story beyond simply showing the performance of the vacuum? We want you to decide, and use your creative know-how to decide how to bring this to life.

We’re open to (but certainly not tied to the concept of) life analogies of small, yet very powerful things throughout the home. Your little sound bar speaker that is the size of a drinking glass, but is able to fill the whole house with music to inspire serious dance moves? How about the little sports car in the garage that looks like it’s a trophy on showcase, but actually holds the power of a tank that could take first place at any race track?

We want our consumers and fans to understand that just because the vacuum is smaller and more lightweight than its more well-known sister and competitor’s products, does not mean inferior performance.


  • :15 – :30 seconds; videos should not exceed :30 seconds. The shorter the better.
  • Play to the benefits of the product being BOTH small and powerful
  • Must show the Shark Rotator® Powered Lift-Away Speed vacuum in the video. If you were not able to a secure vacuum for shooting, we invite you to use your creative genius to submit a video based off the brief that does not require you to have the product in-hand for filming.
  • Video should not mention or show trademarks (brands, logos, slogans, etc.) belonging to others
  • Must use provided end slate (available for download in the materials)
  • Winners and use fee recipients may be asked to complete minor revisions.

Guardrails to avoid to ensure that we’re able to utilize your video and that your video will be eligible to win:

  • You should not speak to dust being lessoned in the home and should avoid using claims that speak to the vacuum making changes in allergies
    • “Using the Shark® has made my seasonal allergies disappear”
  • Absolutely no health claims
    • “The Shark® vacuum has cured my asthma!”
    • “I no longer have trouble breathing”
  • Your video should not include children under the age of 14 operating the product; though children (with adequate talent releases) can be talent within the video.
  • Video shall not contain disparaging comments about competitive products or other products. Video should not show or mention competing products or make comparative claims.
    • “Shark® is better than any vacuum in the world”
    • “Shark® has more suction than the ….”
    • “Shark® reaches more areas than all …. products”
  • Should not use or speak about any third-party brand names, slogans, logos, or other trademarks in the video
    • Shark® is an example of a brand name
    • “Join the Clean Evolution” is an example of a brand phrase
  • No iPhone footage permitted
  • DSLR or higher grade cameras preferred

Additional information

When it comes to cleaning, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. At Shark, we’re constantly working to evolve and innovate products to meet the needs of people like you. Because our job is to make 5-star worthy products that make your life a whole lot easier.

  • To learn more about Powered Lift-Away technology and the story behind it, you can check out our infomercial for the Rotator Powered Lift-Away here.
  • Power, function, ease of use and convenience are very important to our fans, and that’s why they love their Shark vacuums. We want those values to come through when representing the product in the video.
  • Make us have the warm and fuzzies, make us laugh – but within reason. We want to see your creative expertise used to create engaging content, but the videos which will best depict our brand likely won’t be slapstick funny, or over the top emotional.
  • Be original and inspiring
  • We’re looking for engaging, entertaining and shareable videos
  • Videos should be optimized for Facebook & Instagram viewing
  • Our fan base includes men and women of all ages

For inspiration:

Check us out on our social channels on Facebook and YouTube. We’d love for you to join the community while you are there!

Deadline:- 13-04-2016