Expired: The NOIB challenge

The NOIB challenge

Nyenrode is looking for IB talents

For its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Nyenrode is looking for International Baccalaureate (IB) talents who have the ambition to play a leading role in shaping tomorrow’s business world. Are you an IB talent? Are you ambitious and internationally minded? Then Nyenrode is looking for you!

 How does it work?

Enter the challenge and: 

• Test your knowledge about Nyenrode

• Upload a thirty- to sixty-second video explaining how you want to impact tomorrow’s business world based on one of the three Nyenrode values.

• Share your details and educational background

Join the NOIB Challenge today and discover a world of opportunities!

Awards:- Three €21000-scholarships for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration starting August 2016

Deadline:- 20-04-2016

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