The Photonis Challenge

The Photonis Challenge

The first Photonis Challenge  

Photonis is launching an international challenge for Engineering and Business students. They are on a mission to use their scientific knowledge to create a better tomorrow.

To drive this mission to enhance their current key product brands, they are always looking for new opportunities.

Want to pair up with one of the leading companies high-tech? Let’s explore all the possibilities that Photonis brings! 

Your challenge is to help Photonis develop new products, find new markets and applications, and identify ways to become integrated higher up in the value chain!

You’ll be given support from Photonis experts to improve your idea and bring it to market.


€5,000  You will receive €5,000 to share with your team.

€2,500 You will receive €2,500 to share with your team

€1,000  You will receive €1,000 to share with your team

Deadline:- 12-05-2019

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