Expired: The Quad Competition

The Quad Competition

The Quad Competition is an international call for a social space installation. The competition is hosted by WHAT’S IN, a multi-disciplinary research initiative that advocates for urban density and housing affordability through design and policy. Since 2012, WHAT’S IN has built traveling exhibits annually to host research content. Proposals should aim to create an installation with similar approaches.

We are seeking design proposals that capture the essence of the “quad” through site-specific installation for the ABX conference, intended for social gathering. Proposals should envision meaningful and impactful social spaces without sacrificing cost and feasibility of construction. The winning installation will inhabit a 20’ x 70’ space in the exhibit hall, surrounded by exhibitor booths. It should act as an informal gathering space that draws the exhibit attendees towards the back of the exhibit floor. In addition, the design should also include a prominent area to display the latest research findings from WHAT’S IN, in a format suitable to your installation concept.

Awards:- 1st Prize $5,000

Deadline:- 20-05-2016

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