Closed/Expired: The SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award win upto 50 Million Euros in seed funding

The SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award

The SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award is a European initiative, looking for businesses/projects/ideas, who have recognized a social problem and linked its solution with an innovative, profitable business idea.

Irrespective of size, industry or country, everybody is invited to submit his/her idea, project or business model linked to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the keyword here, so Non-Profit-Organizations may not apply!

What SEA 2016 Offers:

If successful, you get honored with one of the much sought-after SEA awards.

In addition to the honoraria and prize, by applying, you also stand a chance of:

Finding an investor through SEA!*

You have two possibilities to find a suitable investor. After your project is tested and classified, you’re offered on one hand side the “SEA-Fund” with a provide-able volume from 30 -50 million Euros. This Fund will be applied with a selected financial partner. On the other hand the SEA would function as interface and network for your business/project/idea to help find a suitable investor.

Getting a specific funding through SEA!* SEA professionals will provide you with the perfect funding assistance. They will help you develop and realize your application.

Important: From now on you can submit to SEA 365 days a year!

Deadline:- 31-08-2016

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