Closed/Expired: The ShiraX Challenges: Challenge A – “Take Flight”

The ShiraX Challenges: Challenge A - "Take Flight"

Global Learning XPRIZE is a competition challenging teams to develop open-source software that will enable children with limited access to schooling to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic. XPRIZE, a non-profit organization, is the world’s leader in designing and managing incentive prize competitions for the benefit of humanity.

Midnight Illusions Ltd. is a +20 year strong digital media solutions company specializing in award-winning start-to-finish mobile application development services for all major mobile platforms.

The Global Learning XPRIZE is a crowdsourced problem designed for the world to solve. Midnight Illusions has taken on the challenge of addressing this problem by crowdsourcing the solution.

We have conceptually developed our solution, known as The ShiraX System™, from the ground up specifically for the Global Learning XPRIZE competition.  The System will not only achieve the competition goals but has massive potential to greatly exceed them.  And we look forward to adding YOU to our team by working together to fully realize this System!

This Challenge involves creating the following components of The ShiraX System™:

A1.  Preflight Manager
A2.  Android .apk Generator
A3.  HTML5 Generator
A4.  iOS .ipa Generator
A5.  Windows Pc Generator
A6.  MacOS Generator

For a full outline of the requirements of each component, please visit the Guidelines link and download the PDF outline.

Awarding of any prizes in any of The ShiraX Challenges is contingent on the Midnight Illusions Ltd. team being chosen as either a Finalist or Winner in the Global Learning XPRIZE.

The following breaks down the potential prize amount ranges:

Global Learning XPRIZE Team StatusPrize Payout for
Challenge A – “Take Flight”
Non-Finalist$0 to the winner of this challenge
Finalist$50,000 USD to the selected winner of this challenge
Winner$500,000 USD additional to the selected winner of this challenge

Deadline:- 13-08-2016

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