Closed/Expired: The ShiraX Challenges: Challenge X – “The Delta Quadrant”

The ShiraX Challenges: Challenge X - "The Delta Quadrant"

The Cocktail Party One-Liner

The ShiraX System™ is a web-based magic toolbox that will allow anyone to easily create and share their educational app with the world.

The Geek Meetup Two-Liner

The Super Helpful Intelligent Resource Architect (Shira) X System™ (or simply, “Shira”) is an open source layperson-friendly modular platform that facilitates the creation of educational apps for Android, iOS, Web, PC, and Mac deployment.

Shira blends a highly-intuitive User Interface (UI) with strong User Experience (UX) design principles and strong MVC architecture at its core.


Challenge X – “The Delta Quadrant”

This Challenge involves creating up to five BONUS features/functions/components of The ShiraX System™, determined entirely by YOU!:

X1.  BONUS Feature/Function/Component 1
X2.  BONUS Feature/Function/Component 2
X3.  BONUS Feature/Function/Component 2
X4.  BONUS Feature/Function/Component 2
X5.  BONUS Feature/Function/Component 2

For a full outline of the requirements of each component, please visit the Guidelines link and download the PDF outline.

Awarding of any prizes in any of The ShiraX Challenges is contingent on the Midnight Illusions Ltd. team being chosen as either a Finalist or Winner in the Global Learning XPRIZE.

The following breaks down the potential prize amount ranges:

Global Learning XPRIZE Team StatusPrize Payout for
Challenge X – “The Delta Quadrant”
Non-Finalist$0 to the winner(s) of this challenge
Finalist$10,000 – $50,000 USD to the selected winner(s) of this challenge
Winner$100,000 – $500,000 USD additional to the selected winner(s) of this challenge

Deadline:- 13-08-2016

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