Closed/Expired: The SICAB 2015 Poster Contest

The SICAB 2015 Poster Contest

ANCCE has created this contest to select the poster that will announce the International PRE Trade Fair, SICAB 2017. The SICAB 2015 Poster Contest is open to all artists and designers who are at least eighteen (18) years of age, whether from Spain or abroad, and who are interested in participating, either as an individual or as a team.

 Topic: The topic of the artwork must consider the event it is announcing: the Purebred Spanish Horse International Trade Fair (SICAB). All artwork must be original and unpublished; said artwork shall not have been presented at any other competition and shall not be a copy, whether in full or in part, nor plagiarized of published works, whether that of the artist or others. The author of said artwork is responsible before ANCCE and any third party, in compliance with the Rules, as established herein. All artwork shall seek to be high impact advertising. Artwork must be truly eye-catching—which is the final objective of a poster for an event such as SICAB. B.


Technical Characteristics: The concept and technique used is free and shall be decided by the artist, if and when said artwork may be reproduced graphically. All artwork shall be presented and mounted on a ridged support measuring at least 1 cm, without protective glass or fame. The format shall be vertical and measuring 100 x 70 cm. Said artwork may also be presented as 100 x 73 cm which is the standard support frame size. Artists who prefer and use computer-based systems shall provide a full color reproduction of the size and characteristics indicated above, as well as the corresponding digital support (storage device, CD, DVD, etc.) with all of the files necessary to graphically reproduce the art, a technical file explaining the procedures used, including font and size, computer (MAC or PC), and as might be the case, the original digitalized image/s in tiff or similar format.

No logo or anagram may be included on the work other than those of ANCCE and SICAB when the artist considers it the composition (as he/she may deem necessary) to be included within the established measurements and in the adaptation of the image for the various supports. ANCCE also reserves the right to include brand and/or the logos of possible sponsors and/or collaborators in the winning work of art.

Awards:- 1st place: € 3,000, € 1,000 for each of the two honorable mentions

Deadline:- 09-09-2016

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