Expired: The Syngenta Photography Award 2016

The Syngenta Photography Award 2016

The contest is organised by Syngenta, an agriculture company that produces agrochemicals and seeds.

The Syngenta Photography Award is a global photography competition that aims at visually exploring global challenges. This year’s theme explores ‘Grow-Conserve’ as a key global challenge of our time.

As the world’s population continues to increase, so does the tension between our growing demand for more food, energy and resources, and the protection of our planet. How can we manage economic, social and technological growth in a way that supports the needs of today as well as for future generations? Can we do more with less? Bold and transformative action is needed.
Photographers, whatever their approach, are invited to submit images that explore the theme of Grow-Conserve and tell stories about the relationship and trade-offs that exist between these two forces that are shaping the sustainability of our planet.

For the Open Competition, you can upload up to 3 individual images.
For the Professional Commission, you can upload a series of 5-10 images.

• The following prizes will be awarded for the Open Competition category:
1st prize: US$5,000
2nd prize: US$3,000
3rd prize: US$2,000

  • The following prizes will be awarded for the Professional Commission category:
    1st prize: US$15,000 + up to US$25,000 for the Commission project
    2nd prize: US$10,000
    3rd prize: US$5,000

Deadline:- 31-08-2016

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