The Trail by VINCI Construction – 2nd Edition

The Trail by VINCI Construction - 2nd Edition

Imagine tomorrow’s construction industry!

Tackle the challenges of a fast-changing world

Today’s world is faced with a number of challenges, including significant growth in the global urban population and increasing transportation requirements in a context of new climate and environmental issues.

Buildings and infrastructure alone account for 40% of energy consumed and greenhouse gas emissions produced worldwide. And this means that they are at the heart of energy transition and urban resilience efforts.

The construction sector has to take action to overcome these new challenges, and new technologieswill undoubtedly be one aspect of the answer – digitalized project design and construction using digital models (BIM – Building Information Modelling), the introduction of robots to construction sites, and 3D printing of construction materials are just a few examples of these innovative technologies.


Imagine tomorrow’s construction industry!

How should companies working in the construction sector make use of new technologies, and how can they develop and adapt to meet society’s needs and improve people’s quality of life?

A range of prizes up for grabs

and get noticed by VINCI Construction!

  • 1First teamA trip
  • 2Second teamA smart device
  • 3Third teamA smart device
  • For the finalists, a VIP access and…Sports equipments

Deadline:- 01-03-2020

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