Expired: The9TH DQ International cartoons contest

International cartoons contest

Don Quichotte is hosting the 9th DQ International Cartoons Contest. The theme for this contest is “Quo Vadis Europe?/Journey of Hope”. It aims to hold a mirror to the states and societies to question themselves.

As we are all aware that in the Middle East, there’s a bloody war going on for years and no one knows when it will end. There is also the worldwide Syrian refugee crisis that adds up to millions of people and is still going on since 4 years. Most refugees try to land in Italy via Turkey and Greece in order to reach other European countries. For some time now, the EU’s been applying immediate precautions and taking action against this major problem. Unfortunately, some dark forces have started a “refugee trade” in order to take advantage of this tragedy. We have 3 questions: These people… 1) Why are they fleeing Syria? 2) Why do they choose Europe? 3) Will they ever come back? The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to deliver in 200 dpi dissolution and in Jpeg format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the colortechnical treatment of the work is incumbent on not a containment.

Awards:- 1st €1000+Don Quichotte Medal, 2nd €750+Don Quichotte Medal, 3rd €500 +Don Quichotte Medal

Deadline:- 01-05-2016

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