theOUTlet – The permanent solution to your outlet needs!

theOUTlet - The permanent solution to your outlet needs!

theOUTlet doubles the amount of outlets where you need them, when you need them, with the simple push of a button!

Have you ever used a power strip, plug adapter or extension cord?   Why? Not enough plugs where and when you needed them?

Today’s solutions for this problem are to rewire your home, hire an electrician to install more outlets, cut sheet-rock, spackle and paint, use bulky solutions like power strips, or unplug and re-plug constantly. These are just mediocre solutions that we’ve all come to accept.

NOT ANYMORE, in just 5 minutes you can install theOUTlet and always have extra outlets at your fingertips. theOUTlet can double or even triple the number of outlets in your home; hidden until you need them. Open the Possibilities…

With a quick and easy installation that fits into a standard electrical box, theOUTlet is always there for you, functioning exactly like a “normal” outlet. Then, when you need more outlets just Open the Possibilities with the simple push of a button, instantly doubling the amount of outlets; where you need them, when you need them.

theOUTlet can be installed in any orientation to fit your needs or use location. Opening to the left, right, or even vertically for baseboard applications.

Installation is extremely easy. There are three simple color coded screws as well as text to guide you through the process. Not only clearly labeled live, neutral, and ground connections but also white, black and green text for the wire colors. It just doesn’t get any easier to install.

theOUTlet also includes Tamper Resistant features built into the housing. This means there’s no need for these annoying things anymore!

The basic 15 amp versions are designed for the home. 20 Amp and GFCI versions are being designed for the garage and outside the home. But, concepts are in the works for industrial and commercial applications as well. Imagine theOUTlet in every Airport, Train Station and Office Building. The applications are endless.

If you are anything like us, you are always looking for that point of differentiation that you can supply to your customer. Imagine being able to double the amount of outlets in your customer’s home without using large boxes or chasing new wires. Offering your customer a unique and elegant solution to proactively address their needs. In their bedroom, in their office, under their bay window. Anywhere in their home they need more outlets but don’t want to chase new wires or cut sheet rock.

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