Ticwatch 2 The Most Interactive Smartwatch

Ticwatch 2 The Most Interactive Smartwatch

The Most Interactive Smartwatch. Intuitive Interaction. Lifestyle Convenience. Unique Ticwear OS. Innovative Design.

Check the weather, browse local restaurants, make phone calls, reply to messages, or call an Uber. Just say, “Ok, Tico.”



Access all the things you need with just a swipe on Ticwatch 2’s cubic user interface.


Signature patented side touch strip. Scroll, select, and zoom without ever covering your screen.


Innovative gesture control. Flip your wrist to make a quick phone call or activate voice interaction. Knock the watch twice to shuffle songs.


Dim the watch to stealth mode with just a press of the palm.


Health & Fitness

Ticwatch 2’s powerful sensors precisely track real-time heart rate data, speed, distance, and GPS location. No need to bring your phone when going out for a run; Ticwatch 2 will save and share your activity with your phone and Google Fit! Sync with Bluetooth headphones to listen to music on the go.

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