Closed/Expired: Tiny Homes Competition

Tiny Homes Competition

AIA Chicago announces a nationwide Tiny Homes Competition, encouraging students, architects, designers and the public to plan and design a community of tiny homes for unsheltered homeless young adults, ages 18 to 24.

Assume that the housing module and communal space need to comply with City of Chicago code IVA construction (combustible frame construction in which the structural elements, including enclosing walls, are entirely or in part of wood or other materials not more combustible than wood). See more description under division 6, type IV here. Meet the following minimum energy requirements: · Minimum wall assembly = R21 · Minimum roof assembly = R48 · Maximum window assembly = U.30

Entry fees:- $50

Awards:- 1st $5,000 & demonstration unit construction

Deadline:- 30-01-2016