Tio connected toys & inventions anyone can create



Build, animate & program creations made with recycled and craft materials, old toys, lego, gadgets, 3D prints and more.

Tio is the kit anyone can use to create app-controlled toys and inventions with everyday objects and materials like recycled and craft materials, lego, old toys, gadgets and even 3D prints.

Explore the objects and materials around you to inspire an infinite number of creations, from a flapping butterfly to a moving castle bridge and from a craft lighthouse to a rotating UFO. Tio is so quick to assemble and easy to use that even a three year old can play with it. Your imagination is the only limit!

The Tio kit includes motorised building blocks with built-in LEDs, magnetic mounts, colourful wheels, interchangeable accessories, sticky tabs, stickers and a personalised storybook. It comes with nine pop and fold invention templates to get started before exploring different materials.

The storybook is full of friendly characters who introduce you to imaginary worlds and guide you through your first creations in simple steps.

The free iOS/Android app communicates wirelessly with your creations to customise and program them. It controls many features like motor speed and direction as well as LED colours, rotation and patterns. With simple taps on the app, the programming mode allows creators to record and play back live actions including colour patterns and movements. Coding is possible but not required making the app accessible to all.

As a Tio inventor, you also get access to Tio’s safe online community to find inspiration, join challenges, unlock badges, download templates, stories and much much more. Start sharing your first invention ideas, mock-ups and drawings!

Tio is designed to spark invention, encourage creative play and provide a new way to acquire future skills and knowledge including creative thinking, team work, problem solving, arts and crafts, technology, design and engineering principles.

Tio is the new way to invent, play and learn. Together we can inspire tomorrow’s inventors.

Look around you, imagine your next creation, bring it to life and personalise it with Tio.

Your journey starts with the storybook full of friendly characters who introduce you to imaginary worlds and your first creations.

The wheels and accessories enable your inventions to:

  • Drive and race around obstacles (e.g. vehicles and machines)
  • Rotate and flash coded messages (e.g. UFOs and merry-go-rounds)
  • Lift and carry objects (e.g. toy cranes and robots)
  • Flap wings and twirl (e.g. butterflies and creatures)

When your invention is ready, open the app on your smartphone or tablet to move it, program it and choose your favourite LED colours. Make your imagination come to life.

To get you started we have included nine pop and fold invention templates you can build in seconds. Don’t forget that Tio can be used with almost any material. Get creative!

Take a look below at some of the exciting inventions created with our favourite objects and materials.

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