Tomorrow’s MBA Mason challenge

Tomorrow’s MBA

Tomorrow’s MBA Mason challenge is about co-creating the most differentiated, sustainable and relevant MBA. The contest gives you, and others familiar with the MBA, the opportunity to share ideas and input regarding the MBA of the future at William & Mary’s Mason School of Business.

Along with you, we will create a new MBA that employers, recruiters, professionals, executives, professors, students, and users will find useful and meaningful. To provide some guidance, we have divided the discussion and input into categories: Courses, Focus & Skills; Formats; Scholarships & Financing; Lifelong Learning & Community; and Marketing & Branding. You can post an idea or solution in one or several categories or you can submit a complete MBA plan of your own.

The creative process, sharing, and discussion within the community will ideally result in the development and submission of new ideas and concepts, and discussion and rating of ideas.

Join us and share your thoughts and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Deadline:- 27-12-2015

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