Tongal Equipment Review Show Concepts Project

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Tongal is developing a “Production Equipment Review” series for our YouTube channel and we need your help to come up with a fresh take on the review show format. Pitch us your Concepts for an entertaining and innovative YouTube series that showcases “production equipment reviews.”

If you’re a filmmaker, chances are you’ve searched YouTube for equipment reviews before making your next big purchase. And if you’ve ever searched YouTube for equipment reviews, you know that a lot of them are just plain boring to watch.

Tongal is looking for an original show Concept for a series of equipment reviews for the Tongal YouTube channel. Your Concept should easily lend itself to a repeatable format that will allow any filmmaker, anywhere to jump in and create their own equipment review with gear to which they already have access. This is your chance to submit a Concept for a show you’d like to see created. As you brainstorm, consider what you would be excited to watch and what would make the show stand out. Get creative, have fun, and submit your Concept!


Awards:- $750

Deadline:- 27-05-2017

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