Closed/Expired: TRANS-PLAN design competition

TRANS-PLAN design competition

TRANS-PLAN is an international student design competition organized by A2G (Architecture Gallery at the Faculty of Architecture University of Manitoba). The competition is open to all students registered in spatial design and or exhibition design disciplines.

Design Brief The challenge of the competition is to [1] curate/program an exhibition related to the theme WATER+, [2] design an immersive and spatial experience, and [3] fabricate/install the exhibition at A2G. CURATORIAL DESIGN: The competition call for a design proposal that explores the theme of WATER+ both spatially and experientially. Establishing a strong/clear curatorial agenda, intention, or set of intentions that are based on the theme of the Atmosphere Symposium is strongly recommended. SPATIAL DESIGN: Working either with newly conceived contents and/or with edited/curated contents of work that already exists (i.e., drawings, models, photographs, diagrams, text, films, etc.), the proposal is to design an immersive experience that resonates with the theme. The proposal’s spatial arrangement can itself be a form of discourse and/or can work as a substructure where the contents are integrated. If the proposal involves works created by others, proper forms of credits/consents must accompany the submission as a part of the project document [see submission]. FABRICATION/INSTALLATION DESIGN: The proposal must be designed with efficient and effective use of material and fabrication/installation process in mind. Up to three primary material can be used in the design and all parts of the design must use locally sourceable materials. A total of $1,000 CDN will be allocated as the material budget, and basic wood working and digital fabrication will be accessible at the faculty’s facility.

Awards:- Fabrication budget CDN $1000 and Conference Registration

Deadline:- 10-02-2016

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