Trendhim Talent Scholarship 2019

Trendhim Talent Scholarship

Do you dream of working in marketing, fashion, sales, IT, trade, or management? Apply for the Trendhim Talent Scholarship 2019. The Scholarship was created to empower and support students that have a passion for business, design, marketing and IT and would like to pursue a career in any of the below fields or start their own business.

Trendhim is a company that has always supported young talent. They believe that encouraging students and their dreams is key to the future development of e-commerce, and they are excited to inspire up-and-coming stars.


  • The Trendhim Talent Scholarship will be offered to one winner. If there is more than one worthy applicant, Trendhim will select two winners and give them $1,000 each.
  • The Trendhim Talent Scholarship should be used to cover expenses related to your studies such as university fees and school materials, workshops, online courses, travel expenses, school trips, projects and study abroad experiences. You may also use the scholarship for extracurricular online courses and personal development projects.

Deadline:- 01-12-2019

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