Closed/Expired: UN SDG #16 RunOff and Commendation Awards 2017

UN SDG #16 RunOff and Commendation Awards 2017

The Global Alliance of Youths Countering Violent Extremism, through the UN SDG #16 RunOff and Commenedation Awards, celebrates national-level advocacy around peaceful, just and inclusive societies by its members across the globe united in the belief that open, inclusive, accountable and effective governance and peaceful societies are both outcomes and enablers of sustainable and equitable development. They rotationally encourage their membership to draw on the skills and resources available at national level to maximize the impact of their efforts on achieving the ends of peace and justice, for an award of a Certificate of Recognition and a Peace & Justice commendation letter. Likewise, they commend the civil society for assisting individuals to maximize limited resources for sustainable development. Only by working together can we create a world of dignity and opportunity for all.


  • The award of the certificate of recognition and commendation letter is based on the campaign participants whose picture and accompanying story gathers the most likes and engagements.

Deadline:- 26-05-2017

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