Closed/Expired: Unilever The Clean Water Challenge innovation challenge

Unilever The Clean Water Challenge innovation challenge

Today, 663 million people – equivalent to 1 in 10 globally and twice the population of the United States – lack access to clean water. In countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and many more, 40% of households struggle with not just quantity, but also quality of water and opening the tap usually results in the release of contaminated, smelly murky grey water. The effects of using this poor quality water on a daily basis range from skin irritation and white blotches on the skin to degrading hair quality, and rashes. Unilever is committed to improving the water quality in these parts of the world and be able to provide clean water to everybody that needs it.


We want you to come up with ideas for how we can provide people with clean water to use for home care and personal care. We want you to think broadly and out of the box, and come up with ideas for new products, devices, services, or processes to access clean water in these parts of the world. Please adopt a visionary but realistic outlook that keeps the consumer’s financial constraints in mind.


Besides drinking it and cooking with it, clean water is vital to wash yourself, your hair, your dishes, and your house in general. However, too many people around the world shower in dirty water and spend the day with irritating skin from germs or wearing yellowish clothes damaged by iron in the water. These people regularly change their source of water according to availability and to seek better quality. Currently the only coping strategy at their disposal is to let the water settle in order to reduce turbidity, however, this is only an available option if they do not need to use the water immediately. While sediments and impurities may settle down with storage, the discoloration, smell, slimy and oily feel of the water cannot be avoided. Slimy water indicates the water has begun to deteriorate on storage and the smell of chemicals and chlorine in water suggests it is poor quality, signaling either contamination or government efforts to “repair” contaminated water. Clean “stored” water needs to be rationed and only used for the most important tasks and household care often gets a very small share of good quality water.


Our target audience is Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Vietnam, South Africa, and India. Our target audiences include:

  • People that gather highly turbid, brackish and highly contaminated water from stand-pipes/bore holes (water collectors that usually live in slums and travel up to 30 minutes per day to get to the water source)
  • People that have pipes in their homes, but do not have a 24/7 supply of water and usually receive polluted and turbid water

The idea intake phase opens on June 21st, 2016 and closes on July 8th, 2016. Please see the full challenge process below.

We’re looking forward to seeing your great ideas.

Awards:- Pitch opportunity with Unilever and crowdfunding opportunity.

Deadline:- 08-07-2016

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